our mission

It is our mission to provide comprehensive medical care for adult patients centered around accessibility, availability, convenience, choice, and preventive care. To provide this level of quality in healthcare we limit the number of patients to our practice. Our healthcare model is quality over quantity!

This is an investment not only in your health but also your time and peace of mind. Members have 24/7 access to our providers via phone and email. Telemedicine appointments allow greater flexibility to take care of your health. In-person appointments provide in-depth care. More availability and time with patients translates to stronger relationships, better communication, and a heightened focus on your health. Our committed and experienced staff seamlessly takes care of the administrative needs of our patients.

We are proud to be the first independent and unaffiliated medical practice in the Newburyport area. We support our local hospitals and specialists, but being independent also means that our patients can choose any hospital and specialist compatible with their insurance plan. We will have communication with your specialists regardless of where they are.